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Jon Stewert goes to bat for Celiacs! #glutenfree

There’s plenty of reasons to poke fun at fad diets– most of the time there’s no evidence that they work. Sometimes they work for some people and not all people. Sometimes they allow you to eat copious amounts of bacon (I could argue both ways on that one 😉

But for those with Celiac Disease, it is not a lifestyle choice, it is a medical necessity. I’ve taken to clarifying with folks, especially restaurants, that my condition is not a choice but a very serious auto-immune disorder.

Beyond the fad diet and Celiac, many people have reported feeling better on a gluten-free diet because they are gluten intolerant. The extent of gluten intolerance has been called into question by a recent study that found many reporting to be gluten intolerant actually had no ill effects when given gluten.

Jokes and discounting are hard to take for the many, many people who have Celiac Disease or are truly intolerant. It’s great to have celebrities put their face out for the cause! Thanks Jon, your coverage was great!



Gluten free groceries at Trader Joe’s! #glutenfree #traderjoes

TJ's Handy Product Lists

The big day is finally here– Trader Joe’s is open on Dorset Street in South Burlington! This is Vermont’s first Trader Joe’s so in case you haven’t been to one before, here’s some advice for gluten free shopping:

1. Go to the manager’s desk on your first visit. It’s on the main grocery floor and they will give you a copy of their entire list of gluten-free items. They are super nice and helpful and it’s great to carry this list around the first few times you shop there or if you are new to gluten-free shopping!

2. Look for their gluten-free symbol on some packaged food items. These are sure to be gluten-free. Read the ingredients for items without the symbol and use your own best judgement. I find many items that are not labeled but to my knowledge, seem gluten-free. Note that items will include a disclaimer if they are processed in facilities or on shared equipment with wheat.

3. Check out the frozen food aisle. Some of my favorite items are the gluten-free toaster waffles, which are much cheaper than the ones in traditional grocery stores. There’s a number of other treats you may find in that section too!!! I also stock up on frozen fruit for smoothies.

4. If you’re a snacker, like me, you will love their nuts and dried fruit section! No sugar added, no sulfur dried mango! Delicious. Near-by you can usually find their nitrate-free beef jerky– inexpensive, gluten-free and a great snack for the car or such.

5. If you tolerate dairy, there’s lots of organic (and non-organic) dairy options (although I try to buy Vermont products when I can!!!).

6. Chocolate.

7. Sauces. Korma simmer sauce. Artichoke dip. You will find your favorites.

8. Gluten-free baking mixes. Sometimes hidden on a low self, TJ’s GF brownie mixes are delish. Try them out and search for other mixes to try out.

So, explore and have fun!!! Find your favorite gluten-free options and let us know about them in the comments section!




If quiona is healthy and you make cake, cake is healthy. Right?

I love the idea of having gluten free cake made with quinoa. Why? It’s high in fiber. High in protein. Lots of other good nutrients. Things we don’t all get as much as we should. Also, I can’t eat rice flour. Or almond flour. Silly allergies. So baking with quinoa… sounds intriguing…

Mel makes a gorgeous quinoa chocolate cake, with her own frosting but basic recipe from Good Dinner Mom.

I have to say, I will be trying this! Chocolate makes anything delicious. Also wondering if quinoa would work in Brownies… hmmm… there may be some experimentation coming soon! Stay posted.


Mel’s decadent chocolate cake

Gluten Free Vermont goes to Los Angeles!

Highlights of gluten-free life in LA:

LYFELove Your Food Everyday (Culver City and other locations) : Order at the counter and sit down for a lovely dining experience! The counter staff know every ingredient in every item on the menu. Great for gluten, nut, rice, egg, and “you name it!” allergies. Also a great choice for vegan and children. Seriously, a menu that can accommodate everyone and that focuses on healthy food and cooking. When’s the last time you had air-baked, gluten-free, sweet potato fries?!

Factors Deli (Beverly Hills) : I stuck with huevos rancheros, but they also offer gluten-free waffles, pancakes and more!  Great service and I felt very safe in their hands.

California Pizza KitchenCapture2 (Beverly Hills): I stuck with the grilled peach spinach salad with grilled chicken… but CPK has upped the ante with their gluten free offerings. They received a lot of criticism for contamination issues when they first issued gluten-free pizza options. Now they have teamed up with the Gluten Intolerance Group to guarantee better efforts at avoiding cross-contamination. I was game to try it out but the crust has rice flour (I’m allergic) so I skipped it. Anyone out there tried their pizza recently?

Besides all these, I had a great time visiting my friends and family… They stocked the house with lots of fruit, yogurt and chips/salsa for me to snack on. I travel with GF instant oatmeal, so with all of this, I was pretty much ready to go. At the wedding they labeled all the food gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or such and there were tons of great options! [all of it was nut-free!] So wonderful of them to make the wedding safe for their friends with food allergies. Plus, fresh lemons for lemonade and cooking!

photo 2



Gluten free in Berlin, Germany!

Berlin gluten free

I just got back from a week in Germany and I can report good and bad news about gluten-free options there. Which do you want first?

Let’s start with the bad news. It was rather thin on gluten-free options. I was at a conference that served bagels, cookies and other baked goods with a piece of fruit and yogurt for lunch. I was limited to ~3 dishes at a Vietnamese restaurant that met my restrictions (our co-worker wanted some spicy food!).

The good news has several facets. First, everywhere I went, people were very knowledgeable about gluten-free needs. Not speaking any German, I carried a gluten-free restaurant dining card. Everyone readily understood this and helped me pick gluten-free items, successfully (I didn’t get sick!).

My experience at the Humboldt University cafeteria was excellent. They used a list of 30 numbers marking certain allergens or food additives. If I saw a dish label with #21, I knew it contained gluten and steered clear!

Also, Germans eat a lot of potatoes so there are lots of options for dinner as long as you eat meat.

So, on one hand, there weren’t a ton of options… but the options were sufficient and safe (from a gluten-free perspective).

Guten Appetit!


Discount @ Hinesburg Public House with great #glutenfree options!

Localvore Today features a $20 voucher to the Hinesburg Public House for just $10! Get it in the next 7 days. Buy one for a friend too!

Great gluten-free options at the Public House include GF chicken wings (buffalo with homemade ranch sauce), poutine with GF gravy, salads, fish, meats and more! They feature local farms as much as possible. The wait and kitchen staff are extremely knowledgeable about Celiac’s disease and take great care in preparing your meal gluten-free. I cannot say enough good things about the GF options here!!!



New World Tortilla #Fail

New World Tortilla is consistently good at taking care of gluten-free me. I usually eat at their Davis Center (UVM) location, so they are able to control cross-contamination pretty well (I believe they make their own tortillas at the Pine Street location). I’m allergic to rice as well as gluten but I love dairy! Today’s order (my regular, Chicken Vera Cruz as a salad bowl) was an epic fail on their part. Normally grilled chicken is served over a bed of lettuce with salsa and sides of jalapenos and sour cream. They grill a few corn tortillas with a little cheddar cheese.

Well, check out what I got today (of course I didn’t check my order until I’d walked back to my office): No chicken, no sour cream and no cheese (just cold, plain tortillas). Wow, thanks NWT… what a bummer of a lunch. At least its a nice picture. Certainly not worth the $9.27 I paid.

New World Tortilla fail