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The Traveling Celiac takes to the skies — the start of a long trip or what to snack?

Everytime I get ready for a long trip, I have a few piles while packing– clothing/toiletries, work stuff (computer, notes, etc), and food. When it comes to traveling GF, I think I have pack-rat syndrome (PRS). PRS involved packing more food than you will need and acting like you might be starving for the next two days to two weeks. In my carry-on, I have enough GF instant oatmeal to last me two weeks of breakfasts, some peanut butter, GF pretzels, kinda bars and numerous other granola-like bars (some which have weathered more than 1 trip in my backpack, I figured they’re squished but still good, right?).  I’m now at the airport and just ate some popcorn and drink a vitamin water. Ok, I was a little thirsty but PRS added an urgency to having something to eat while I could, god forbid I might not find food again for hours or days. It’s the YOU NEVER KNOW factor that leads to the compulsion of PRS. I’ve done all I can to provision for my self (requested a GFML– that’s airline code for a gluten free meal; CONFIRMED the airline has my GFML on file) so now its time to sit back and enjoy the flight(s). This trip I’m flying international on American Airlines and I’ve never had their GFML so I will be sure to post my reviews here later. In past travels, my general rule of thumb is outbound flights from the USA have sucky GFMLs and the inbound flights to the USA (aka someone in another country made the meals) are fantastic (once I had a passionfruit mousse!  Dare I get my hopes up?).

Finalize standards for Gluten Free labeling

Great update on the status of the Gluten-free labeling law:

Did you know in Brazil, everything is labeled “contains gluten” or “does not contain gluten”?!?! Come on USA, get with it!

If 25,000 signatures are collected by the White House by Nov. 1, President Obama will review this legislation and has the chance to finalize it! Make your voice heard– sign the petition to let him know how important this is to us. Get your friends and family to make their voices heard too!!!