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Sunday Bloody Sunday (@FHTGburlington)– Review

Well, nothing to report but bad news here [spoiler alert– Farmhouse bloodies are NOT GF). Last weekend I had a Bloody at Farmhouse in Burlington, after the bartender “checking” and telling me all the ingredients were in fact gluten free. That evening I had, um, a little distress. I chalked it up to the brownie I ate the day before, as I’m mildly allergic to chocolate and figured I’d overdone it.

Fast forward to the following Sunday, when I go back for another Bloody. The waitress almost ripped it out of my hands (I’d ordered at the bar and brought it to the table) after hearing I am a Celiac– turns out she is too. in addition to some ambiguity (See aforementioned “Kate’s Rule” that states “Paranoid as you wanna be”) about gluten in hard alcohol (I can see this needs to be addressed in another post), the waitress informed me they use Worchester sauce that IS NOT gluten free. The tomato juice and some other ingredients were questionable in her mind. So, the upset stomach the previous week is making more sense.

[Note: other than this, I have only had very positive experiences eating GF at Farmhouse and love it there!]

What a disappointment. Farmhouse– any chance you’ll be mixing GF Bloodies any time soon?

NOT GLUTEN FREE Bloody Marys at Farmhouse. But aren’t they pretty?