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Discount @ Hinesburg Public House with great #glutenfree options!

Localvore Today features a $20 voucher to the Hinesburg Public House for just $10! Get it in the next 7 days. Buy one for a friend too!

Great gluten-free options at the Public House include GF chicken wings (buffalo with homemade ranch sauce), poutine with GF gravy, salads, fish, meats and more! They feature local farms as much as possible. The wait and kitchen staff are extremely knowledgeable about Celiac’s disease and take great care in preparing your meal gluten-free. I cannot say enough good things about the GF options here!!!



New World Tortilla #Fail

New World Tortilla is consistently good at taking care of gluten-free me. I usually eat at their Davis Center (UVM) location, so they are able to control cross-contamination pretty well (I believe they make their own tortillas at the Pine Street location). I’m allergic to rice as well as gluten but I love dairy! Today’s order (my regular, Chicken Vera Cruz as a salad bowl) was an epic fail on their part. Normally grilled chicken is served over a bed of lettuce with salsa and sides of jalapenos and sour cream. They grill a few corn tortillas with a little cheddar cheese.

Well, check out what I got today (of course I didn’t check my order until I’d walked back to my office): No chicken, no sour cream and no cheese (just cold, plain tortillas). Wow, thanks NWT… what a bummer of a lunch. At least its a nice picture. Certainly not worth the $9.27 I paid.

New World Tortilla fail

Summer rains? Time for Soup! @stonesoupvt

It’s 60 degrees and raining. My jaw aches (maybe its the rain?) and I want something easy to eat. My gluten-free Mom is visiting and we wander into Zabby & Elf’s Stone Soup to find warm Thai Carrot Soup (sub kale or brown rice for bread!). Top it off with a Hibiscus- Chamomile-Mint tea and we’re feelin’ warm and cozy!

Mom enjoying Stone Soup

Trader Joe’s gets another step closer to Burlington

South Burlington’s City Council unanimously voted to approve Trader Joe’s store and restaurant on South Dorset street. Looks like we should have a TJs in the next year! Anyone been to a TJs restaurant??? Very curious to her more about that but in the meantime, I’m excited to have another GF grocery option coming soon to VT!

The Burlington Free Press reports

Cocktails and smoothies– semester’s end (@ecobeanandjuice, @bluebirdtavern)

As a kid, Mom always took me to Rose’s for a milkshake. Or perhaps it was a malt. I thought it was cool to get a shake but didn’t think anything special of the tradition. This year, as a teacher, I was reminded of that old tradition. So yesterday, our last day of teaching, we headed out for a drink at BlueBird Tavern. In addition to a great cocktail I may have also indulged in a GF hamburger…

… And then carried on the slurpy drink tradition this AM by trying out Eco Bean & Juice. They make a smoothie very similar to the Nutty Banana at Healthy Living– banana, peanut butter and liquid– only they added spinach, upping the “feel good for eating good factor.” Oh, and I double-checked– their protein powder IS gluten free. Smoothies seemed comparably priced to others around town but their juices seemed a little pricy. GREAT coffee bar as well and a nice ambiance worth checking out. Oh, and I did see some speciality GF cookies all packed and waiting just for you… 😉


Sunday Bloody Sunday (@FHTGburlington)– Review

Well, nothing to report but bad news here [spoiler alert– Farmhouse bloodies are NOT GF). Last weekend I had a Bloody at Farmhouse in Burlington, after the bartender “checking” and telling me all the ingredients were in fact gluten free. That evening I had, um, a little distress. I chalked it up to the brownie I ate the day before, as I’m mildly allergic to chocolate and figured I’d overdone it.

Fast forward to the following Sunday, when I go back for another Bloody. The waitress almost ripped it out of my hands (I’d ordered at the bar and brought it to the table) after hearing I am a Celiac– turns out she is too. in addition to some ambiguity (See aforementioned “Kate’s Rule” that states “Paranoid as you wanna be”) about gluten in hard alcohol (I can see this needs to be addressed in another post), the waitress informed me they use Worchester sauce that IS NOT gluten free. The tomato juice and some other ingredients were questionable in her mind. So, the upset stomach the previous week is making more sense.

[Note: other than this, I have only had very positive experiences eating GF at Farmhouse and love it there!]

What a disappointment. Farmhouse– any chance you’ll be mixing GF Bloodies any time soon?

NOT GLUTEN FREE Bloody Marys at Farmhouse. But aren’t they pretty?

Gluten free options @LeunigsBistro (shout out to @VTSmoke too)

A friend was visiting and wanted to try someplace I’d never been before (keep in mind I’ve only lived in VT 2 months so everything is new and great!). We headed to Leunigs and expected a wait (turned out to be 45 minutes, reasonable for a Saturday night), so went upstairs for a drink and an app. It was easy to get seated there and there were plenty of GF items on that menu– cheeses and meats, etc. [Note, I already knew the Vermont Smoke and Cure products they featured were GF].

While enjoying our apps and a glass of wine, a near-by customer was discussing GF options with the waitress (I mean, really? Small world!). It sounded like some of the GF options on the main menu aren’t available in the 2nd floor bar– something about the GF rolls being in the basement freeze and having to be retrieved by the kitchen staff– all too complicated for them  to execute on a crowded Saturday night. Personally, I’d rather they say they can’t handle it than, say, pop a roll in a wheat-filled oven to thaw and serve me something contaminated. Or have them piss off the kitchen staff who spit in my food.

Anyways, I was surprised to find this notice on their main menu:

Leunig’s Bistro offers a gluten free menu

The gluten-free menu was a subset of the full menu and didn’t contain many or any specialty items that I noticed (such as a gluten-free bun– maybe the lady upstairs was just trying to convince them to carry them in the future?). It did have a wide range of options– you could have handed anyone that and they’d believe it was a full menu, that’s how many items were on it. One point of caution is that their frialator is used for things that contain wheat so if you are Celiac or truly very sensitive, you will want to avoid those items. For me, they substituted fries for garlicy kale (tres Vermont!).

So, Leunig’s, way to go. Let’s see you continue to expand your GF services.