Cocktails and smoothies– semester’s end (@ecobeanandjuice, @bluebirdtavern)

As a kid, Mom always took me to Rose’s for a milkshake. Or perhaps it was a malt. I thought it was cool to get a shake but didn’t think anything special of the tradition. This year, as a teacher, I was reminded of that old tradition. So yesterday, our last day of teaching, we headed out for a drink at BlueBird Tavern. In addition to a great cocktail I may have also indulged in a GF hamburger…

… And then carried on the slurpy drink tradition this AM by trying out Eco Bean & Juice. They make a smoothie very similar to the Nutty Banana at Healthy Living– banana, peanut butter and liquid– only they added spinach, upping the “feel good for eating good factor.” Oh, and I double-checked– their protein powder IS gluten free. Smoothies seemed comparably priced to others around town but their juices seemed a little pricy. GREAT coffee bar as well and a nice ambiance worth checking out. Oh, and I did see some speciality GF cookies all packed and waiting just for you… 😉


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