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Vermont’s Gluten-Free Thanksgiving and Holiday Guide

photo (3)Cousin Jill visiting with a gluten-intolerance. Brother Mike has gone paleo. Gramma must have her pie. How to juggle all these needs? Fear not, putting together a delicious, gluten-free Thanksgiving takes some planning and will turn out great.

Try a spinach salad or stuffing made with gluten-free croutons.

What about that bird? Most Celiac’s or gluten intolerant folks won’t eat a turkey that’s been stuffed with regular stuffing. Try one of these delicious gluten-free stuffings! All are crowd-pleasers.

Now, what about pie??? By far my favorite part of Thanksgiving, so please don’t forget the whip cream. You can buy a frozen crust, make one from a box, or try one of these easy recipes! Or this one! These are all tried and true pie recipes… even Gramma will love them.

Side dishes? Easy! Try a sweet potato dish a la my cousin Julie or sweet potatoes with a twist from Mark Bittman. See the croutons above for a great spinach salad recipe. Check your green bean recipe– could be easily made gluten free!

Looking forward to the rest of the holiday session, give Gramma Ginnie’s brownies a try– modified to be gluten free, they are easy and always delicious!

Check out Gluten-Free Goddess for even more great inspirations for the holidays!


Stuffing!!!!!!!! #glutenfree

A friend just wrote me about stuffing. What’s the best for gluten free? Honestly, I’m UnAmerican or something because stuffing and gravy are lowest on my list for Thanksgiving foods. I know, weird right? That said, here are some gluten-free stuffing options that caught my eye. Let me know if you try them and have any recommendations!

1. Polenta stuffing

I’ve seen a lot of these recipes floating around. It seems like polenta stuffing is in vogue regardless of your GF status. I would try this recipe, as the recipes on Epicurious never disappoint! And sausage is always a crowd pleaser… unless you’re vegan (see below).

2. Cornbread stuffing

The Gluten-Free Goddess blog is my go-to for ideas and inspiration. I’m not one to follow recipes very closely so I often modify her recipes for what’s in my kitchen. If you’re looking for a stuffing side dish, you could easily make this cornbread stuffing with out the squash.

3. The time-saver

I’ve never made this as stuffing, but Aleia’s stuffing can be found in a lot of stores, including Hannafords or Stop N Shop around the holidays (watch for it to go on sale after the holidays too!). I’ve actually bought the stuffing and used it as croutons on my salad (the internet is a nice place to air your strange habits, that’s what its meant for right? Just look for Aleia’s stuffing on the end-caps or in special displays. I’m sure it would be a quick and easy GF stuffing for all to enjoy!

Gramma Ginnie’s Brownies

The great thing about gluten-free brownies is no one ever knows they’re gluten free (except me). 

I don’t really remember my Gramma Ginnie making brownies but my mom and I would make her recipe. Without the nuts, which I was never allowed to tell her (but mom and I didn’t like nuts). Wonder how she’d react to today’s modifications? Would she even notice? I have made these many times very successfully substituting my favorite Gluten Free flour mixes (Pamela’s or King Arthur). Today, I may have taken it a step to far. I’m waiting from some friends to arrive from out of town and I figure they’ll appreciate some hot, fresh brownies when they get here. Easy-peasy, GF Gramma Ginnie brownies it is! Oh wait, I don’t have any real eggs, just egg replacers. Ok, substitute that. Oh wait, I don’t have any sugar, just a giant bag of stevia. Ok, substitute that. Did I mention I leave out the nuts? Throw in some chocolate chips to take up the extra space. Mix ’em up. They look like brownies. Batter is both bitter and super sweet. Maybe it will improve with baking? I’ll report back. In the meantime, enjoy Gramma Ginnie’s recipe but perhaps make 1 or 2 substitutions not 3…. 😉

Gramma Ginnie’s Brownie Recipe (with Gillian’s Gluten-free modifications)

In a double boiler, melt 2 squares of unsweeted chocolate and a cube of butter or maragine. (we always use Baker’s chocolate and butter)

Beat 2 eggs with 1 cup sugar and 1 t vanilla. (I used Egg Beaters just cuz egg yolks are not my friends)

Add ½ cup flour and chocolate and butter mixture. (I’ve substituted Pamela’s or King Arthurs flour mixes)

Add a tidge of salt.

Add walnuts (1/2 cup) or other nuts as you like.

Butter an 8×8 square pan. Pour in batter.

Bake 30 minutes in over preheated to 350 degrees. Inserted toothpick comes out clean when done. (I find most gluten-free baked goods need more time in the oven but also may need to come out before the toothpick it totally clean to avoid turning it into a brick. I’m going for a semi-clean tooth pick. Who doesn’t like gooey brownies anyways?)