Vermont Applesauce

The end of apple season is here so its time to put away some goodies for the winter.

My first stop was Allenholm Farm. Run by Ray and Pam Allen, the farm is a true destination. The petting zoo is often wandering the yard and road out front. Make sure you say hi to Fergie, the highland cow. Kids will love the play structures and the animals to be fed. Chose to pick your own or buy from the farm store. Either way, don’t miss out on Ray’s handmade pie (ok, not for us Celiac’s but for everyone else!!!). For those who are gluten-free, ask if they have any gluten-free cones in stock. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. But in a cone or in a bowl, their maple creemees are AMAZING. Maple. Froyo. Winning combination. Another hit is their apple slushies. Yup, you heard right. Apple cider semi-frozen. Drink with a straw.

I picked up a half bushel of Courtland apples, at Pam’s suggestion for sauce and butter. The first step to making apple butter is making apple sauce. I borrowed an apple peeler/corer from a friend and went to town.

 Vermont Unsweetened Apple Sauce Proportions:

4 apples (cored, peeled, sliced)
1 cup water
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1/4 cup maple syrup (optional)

Throw your ingredients in a large pot. I quadrupled this recipe and made two batches. Turn the burner on medium or high, let the water come to a simmer and then turn down the heat. I let my apples simmer about 30 minutes or until I could mash the apples with a wooden spoon. I mixed my apples occasionally just to see how it was going. Once the apples cool (you don’t want a steam burn!), mash them as you like. For chunkier apple sauce, use a wooden spoon to mash the apples until you get a consistency you like. For smoother sauce, use a food processor or an immersion blender (my favorite tool). Store in the fridge, freeze or can to have a treat later!

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