The debate over gluten-free beer continues

Omission beer uses enzymes to remove gluten proteins… As a scientist, I wonder if they are truly removed… likely, they are broken down into their components, chains of molecules. At what level does gluten stop being gluten? It’s hard to know– in fact, I don’t think we [as a scientific community] truly know. In the meantime, I believe its an individual decision if you drink a beer that is made without gluten or a beer that is made with gluten that is then broken down below detectable levels. Personally, I would love to try Omission but the chance that I could have a reaction, which lasts many days to weeks for me, is enough to be cautious and avoid it. In the mean time, I love Harvester and Glutenberg as save alternatives! If you want to read more about the latest controversy, head to Gluten Free Dude who discusses the CSA’s contradictory endorsement of Omission.

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