Trader Joe’s underway in South Burlington, VT!

If you’ve been down Dorset street lately, you’ve seen a big change. Today, bare ground lays at the future site of Vermont’s first Trader Joe’s. Located next to Healthy Living, this will be a great boon for gluten-free residents. Why, you ask?

Perhaps you’ve never been to a Trader Joe’s. Let me give you a tour, from the perspective of a Celiac.

First, if you stop by the manager’s counter, you can pick up the “No gluten ingredients used” list.

Second, many of these “no gluten ingredient” products are also marked with a cute little symbol:

to make your shopping easier. Always read the fine print though– some items are manufactured in facilities that also use wheat so you may want to avoid them if you have sensitivities like that. And not all items have the symbol (depends when the packing was last re-designed, I suppose).

Next, my personal recommendations– skip the produce section. You can do much better at the farmer’s market or some of our supermarkets that do direct purchases from local farmers. It’s just much fresher food.

My favorites at TJ’s– because they are excellent quality and cheaper than anywhere else– almond butter, blue corn tortilla chips, various salsas, frozen organic fruit (smoothies!), frozen taquitos (ok, I don’t buy these elsewhere but they’re a fun treat!), GF toaster waffles, greek yogurt, goat cheese, pasta sauce and much more. It’s a great place to stock-up on nuts and dried fruit. Their GF beef jerky makes a great trail snack and is nitrate free! I’m sure the list goes on but I’ll leave it to you to figure out your favorite GF foods when Trader Joes opens. (hint: chocolate…)

According to WCAX, Trader Joe’s will open next Spring. 

Welcome to Vermont, TJ’s!




3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s underway in South Burlington, VT!

  1. Alina

    So excited for Trader Joes! Healthy Living is so expensive yet they have a really great gluten free section. I keep hearing how Trader Joes has great options and my son has Celiac’s so our house is gluten free. Looking forward to some new diversity and creative options for GF foods.

    1. gfvermont Post author

      Alina– Trader Joe’s opens on May 16! If you have never been to one before, be prepared. There are great deals, lots of GF options and they won’t take you to the bank. I imagine it will be super crowded (they almost always are), so try to go at off hours if you can!


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