“Lucky Next Door” not so lucky for Celiac’s

A new restaurant in town is pretty exciting, especially when the owners are from one of your favorite restaurants. Soon, Burlington will have Lucky Next Door, a sister restaurant to the ever-so-popular Penny Cluse. Lucky should pick up some of the overflow from crowded hours at Penny Cluse, as well as offer evening hours and a cozy place for a drink. Awesome! However… first reports of their menu don’t look that great for Celiacs— pressed sandwiches, quesadillas (wheat), banana bread, home-made croutons. Hmmmm. I will still give it a try, if nothing else, they have local ciders! Penny Cluse is very good at gluten-free preparation so I will be cautiously optimistic that Lucky would hold something fun for us Celiacs to eat!

More news can be found here: http://7d.blogs.com/biteclub/2013/09/lucky-next-door-opens-next-week-in-burlington.html



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