Gluten free baking packing on LivingSocial! @JulesGlutenFree

Just in time for the holidays, LivingSocial is offering a deal on Jule’s Gluten Free. The package costs $30 and includes “Includes five pounds of flour, cookie mix, cornbread mix, and grahams mix and five e-books featuring 203 gluten-free recipes.” This could make a great gift for someone you know who’s just gone gluten-free!!!

Due to my food allergies, I was curious what Jule’s flours were made of as I had never tried them. The basic flour mix contains the following:

Expandex, Modified Tapioca Starch, potato starch, corn starch, corn flour, white rice flour, xantham gum.

Expandex??? What the heck is that, you might ask. I had no idea. A quick Google search reveled it’s a propitiatory process of modified tapioca starch, with the brand name Expanex. According to the Expandex website, “Expandex® modified tapioca starch is a revolution in gluten-free baking. It enhances the texture and appearance of bakery applications so those living a gluten-free lifestyle can enjoy the foods they love.” Sounds like a miracle flour. Personally, I try to not eat a tapioca-based diet (it has no fiber or any other nutritional value) but it’s a great treat from time-to-time! It seems like this deal would be great for the holidays.



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