Symptoms of Celiac’s Disease (@glutendude)

GlutenDude put together this nifty infographic based on reader responses to his question, “What are your symptoms?”  I think this is the best summary of common symptoms that I have seen. Some of them likely also apply to gluten intolerance, not just strictly Celiac Disease.

Speaking of which, Gluten-Free Goddess reminds us all to tread carefully and be an informed GF consumer:

“Note to readers: Ignore links and claims by health “experts” selling special “formulas”, cures, gluten enzymes etc for treating celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Use common sense. Cross reference with the true celiac experts at , and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, and See Mayo Clinic: What’s allowed on a gluten-free diet and Celiac Disease Foundation: Allowed Grains. Also, please read Shelly Case on the gluten-free status of oats at Allergic Living.”


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