Help Celiacs Hit by Sandy

This letter was circulated by our local Celiac group. See below for more info:


From: Linda Pickett <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 10:15 PM
Subject: Hurricane Sandy and CSA Region 3


Hi, all Region 3 Support group leaders.
I sincerely hope that this note finds you and your support group members well, and not seriously affected by Hurricane Sandy this past week in the Northeast.   Here at the Jersey Shore the devastation is tremendous but each new day brings a resolve and perseverance to move onward and upward.
In my local role as the leader of the Seashore Celiacs CSA#96 support group, even before my own electricity was restored I have been in contact with some of the local support groups and CSA President Carolyn McKinley, gathering ideas for how we can live up to the “Celiacs Helping Celiacs” motto.
Today I met with the Food Bank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties to discuss how we can work with them to provide appropriate gluten free foods to the many celiacs who have lost their homes and all of their possessions.   We discussed the possibility of coordinating with the gluten free food vendors for donations of their products to the Food Bank where it will be marked appropriately and provided to locations where there are requests for gluten free items or where we as an organization can direct those in need.   Depending on the amount of products promised by vendors the Food Bank can also coordinate with their partners to spread the donations across the areas damaged by the storm.   We may need some help from other support groups to accomplish this however.  Whether it is helping with reaching out to the various vendor contacts you may have for donations, or if close enough perhaps folks from your groups being able to spend some time as a volunteer to help the food kitchens learn how to prepare and keep our foods separate, safe from cross contamination, available to any celiacs or gluten intolerant people in need  We are certainly open to suggestions and any help that you or your groups might be able to provide. 
Feel free contact me with any ideas, help, or also if there are members in your local areas who may need assistance during this critical time.       
As you also may be aware, on a national level CSA has initiated a fundraising effort to establish a disaster relief fund  for the needs of celiacs affected by Sandy .   Information and a link for online donations which you should share with your members can be found on the website:  Any funds received online through November 15th will be directed to the Sandy Fund.  For anyone wishing to donate by mail, checks with a notation of “Sandy Relief” can be sent to:  CSA,  PO Box 31700 ,  Omaha NE 68131-0700 .
Linda Pickett
CSA Region 3 Member at Large
Seashore Celiacs
Phone: 732-206-0997

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